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Cash Flow Financing

This financial tool is neither debt, nor equity financing. It is the purchase of a cash flow stream from a business by a funding source. Cash flow financing usually occurs when a business is growing faster than it can collect it's receivables. When a cash flow stream is sold, the present value of the asset is determined by the Investor. Asset is priced to reflect the original amount along with a risk and reward calculation. Risk is determined by several factors and is greatly influenced by the credit of the Payor, and not the business requesting the financing.

Cash Flow Financing can include any transaction where there is a receivable, including:

Commercial Leases      Equipment Payments       Purchase Orders 
Sales Invoices              Memberships                  Royalties

Other Benefits of Cash Flow Financing can include: 

Immediate cash.     Flexibility in plans for growth.
Access to cash despite credit rating.     Greater equity in the business and less debt.
More flexibility in offering terms to Clients.
Ongoing monitoring of customer's credit status

For a quotation of the present value of the cash flow asset send the basic information concerning the payments being received, your funding request, and information on the payor.

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